Assembly Officer Elections Next Meeting

Sir Knights,

The next Assembly meeting is Thursday June 20, 2019; the meeting will be held at St. William: Father Michael J. McGivney Pavilion in Round Rock. This is the same location the May meeting was held.

The elections for the next fraternal year (July 2019-June 2020) will be held during this meeting.  Please pray and reflect on running for an Assembly office. Click here for information on the offices.

You can nominate anyone from the Assembly, and you can nominate yourself. The Faithful Admiral Marvin Freeman will conduct the nominations and elections.  If you wish to nominate someone outside the meetings, SK Marvin’s contact information is:

Below are the nominations made during the May meeting:

Faithful Navigator – SK Richard (Dick) Schoger
Faithful Admiral – SK Marvin L Freeman
Faithful Comptroller – Open
Faithful Captain – Open
Faithful Purser – SK Gerald Boyer
Faithful Scribe – Joseph Banda
Faithful Pilot – SK Jesse G Garcia
Inner Sentinel – SK Lawrence B Hortick
Outer Sentinel – SK Mike Garcia
First Year Trustee: – Open